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Release Notes - October 2022

Monday, October 24 - Monday, October 31


  • Corrected an alignment issue when using numbered bullet or bullet points in the description box

  • The calendar dropdown in the Item edit dialog will no longer be hidden by fields in the left panel

  • Resolved an issue where you could not create new items within an idea card


Monday, October 17 - Friday, October 21


  • Multiple Feedback Portals are Live - Let's Talk: Portals & Browser Extensions
    In addition to the ability to create multiple Feedback Portals, we've also given our Portal landing page in the Feedback module a well-deserved refresh

  • Sunsetting Chrome Extension for Feedback Collection


  • You can now Demote Account Fields if they are only associated with one roadmap

  • Added in-app notification when user is added to a Team


  • Resolved an authenticated error on SSO-protected URLs due to pop-up and timeout


Monday, October 10 - Friday, October 14


  • Fixed an error opening links from the item card description


Monday, October 3 - Friday, October 7


  • Rich Text Description Field - Goodbye Markdown, Hello Rich Text
    With rich text editing in the Description Field, users can enjoy a more consistent editing experience between the popular tools they use on a day-to-day basis and Roadmunk.

  • Meet Our Newest Integration: GitHub - Setting Up the GitHub Integration
    We've got a brand new integration for you and your team to enjoy! Users on all plans can now integrate their roadmaps with GitHub


  • Added a Roadmaps tab to the Teams info page

  • Account Admins can now view and modify integration setups


  • Resolved a 500 error when moving items in Swimlane view

  • The "Synchronize Now" button is visible once more from the Jira Integration Settings

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