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​​​Custom Charts for Jira and Tempo Timesheets

With Custom Charts for Jira, a Tempo Trusted app, integrated with Tempo Timesheets, you can report on Timesheets data in Custom Charts.

This integration allows you to:

  • Use Custom Charts' dashboards and charts to visualize time tracking data from Timesheets, such as comparing the estimated time spent by the worklog author on an issue against the actual time spent.

  • Report on more granular time data using specific dates, such as calculating charts based on work logged within the last week.

Custom Charts for Jira occasionally returns more time spent on an issue than is reported in Timesheets. This occurs when the Jira and Timesheets worklogs don't match.

Before You Begin

Install the Custom Charts for Jira app

  1. Select Apps on the Tempo sidebar.

  2. On the Custom Charts for Jira tile, click Install.


Once installed, the Custom Charts for Jira tile moves to the Installed section. You can then add the worklog author to your charts and enjoy more granular time reporting.

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