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You can use this module to add a new effector to Structure. Effectors are used to update items based on Structure forests and attribute values.


    key="effector-example" name="effector:Example"
  <label key="com.mycompany.examples.effector.label"/>
  <dialog-title key="com.mycompany.examples.effector.dialog-title"/>
  <resource type="velocity" name="form" location="/templates/example/effector-example-form.vm"/>
  <resource type="velocity" name="summary" location="/templates/example/effector-example-summary.vm"/>

@keyYesThe unique identifier of the effector. Full module key will be a part of effector specification, defining the automation.
@nameNoThe name of the module for the Jira administrator.
@descriptionNoDescription of the module for the Jira administrator.
YesFully-qualified class name of the effector implementation. Must implement Effector.
labelYesThe name of the effector as it appears to the user.
dialog-titleNoThe title of the dialog that is used to edit the effector.
resource[@name=form]NoVelocity template with the HTML form that will be used for editing the effector's parameters.
resource[@name=summary]NoVelocity template that will be used to display the effector as a row in a structure.
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