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Sample Formulas - Issue Links and Subtasks

Show linked issues

Displays issues linked to the current issue.

issueLinks.MAP(IF($.source = this, $.destination, $.source))

Displays issue links containing the current issue. Ex. STR-006 → GANTT-002

issueLinks.MAP($.source.key CONCAT '→' CONCAT $.destination.key)

Show issues blocking the current issue

Displays issue links for all blockers.

WITH _format(issue) = """[${issue.key}|${issue.url}]""" :
  .FILTER($.type = 'Blocks' AND $.destination = this)

Make sure to set the column Options to Wiki Markup.

Want to display another link type? Change: $.type = 'Blocks'

Check whether all blocking issues are resolved

Displays "OK" if all issues linked via the "Blocks" link type are marked as resolved.

IF issueLinks.FILTER($.type = "Blocks" AND $.destination = this).ALL($.source.resolution):

Show parent issue

Displays the parent issue of the current item, based on the "is parent of" link.

Depending on the direction of your parent links, select one of the following:

Outward parent links

issueLinks.FILTER($.type.outward = "is parent of" AND $.destination = this).MAP($.source.key CONCAT ' - ' CONCAT $.source.summary)


Inward parent links

issueLinks.FILTER($.type.inward = "is parent of" AND $.destination = this).MAP($.source.key CONCAT ' - ' CONCAT $.source.summary)

Show percent of subtasks that have been completed

IF subtasks.SIZE() > 0 :

    subtasks.FILTER($.status = ‘Done’).SIZE() / subtasks.SIZE()
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