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Order of Operation

If you have more than one slice created for a configuration, Structure.Gantt will apply slices in the order they appear, from top to bottom.

Once a slice has been applied to an issue, no other slice can affect it. If you need to apply a different slice first, move it up within the list.

Slices are applied in the order they appear
Let's look at an example. We have three slices:

  • Purple Epics - makes all epics appear purple.
  • Project A Resources - specifies that for issues in Project A, the Team attribute should be used for assigning resources.
  • Orange Tasks - makes all tasks orange.

In your chart, the following will occur:

  1. All epics will appear purple.
  2. The remaining issues from Project A will be assigned resources based on the Team attribute. Since the Purple Epics slice was already applied to the epics in Project A, this slice will not affect them - epics from Project A will be assigned resources based on the standard resource configuration.
  3. All tasks, except those from Project A, will appear orange. Tasks from Project A will appear the default color, because the previous slice was already applied to them.

If you need a specific slice applied first, move it up the list. For example, to use the Team resource attribute for epics in Project A, you would have to move the Project A Resources slice above the Purple Epics slice.  If you wanted Project A tasks to be orange, you would need to move the Orange Tasks slice up.

Rearranging Slices

To move a slice up or down within your list, use the Drag Bar next to the slice's name.

Using the drag bar to reorder slices

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