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Anonymizing Users

When you Anonymize a user in Jira (8.7+), any private structures, views or Effector processes owned by the user will be deleted. Shared structures or views owned by the user will be transferred to another user. Statistics related to the user will be anonymized.

Review User's Structures

To review the structures and/or views owned by the user, on the Anonymization screen, click Identify changes.

Identify changes in Anonymization

Any shared structures or views will appear under the Transferred items list. These will be transferred to a new user after the anonymization.

Structured to be transferred to another user

Any private structures or views (not visible to anyone but the user) will appear under the Deleted items list. These will be deleted.

Structures to be deleted

To review any of the structures on these lists, click the Structure link to the right.

Transfer Ownership

Ownership for any shared structures or views will be transferred to the user you select in the Transferring ownership section.

Transfer ownership

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