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Configuring Logging Time Options

Configuring logging options requires the Tempo Administrator permission.

Logging Time options determine how users log time, for example, whether is should be possible to log time on an issue that has an account in closed status, etc. You can customize these options in global configuration:

  1. Click Jira Administration at the top-right, and then select Add-ons on the drop-down menu.

  2. Under Tempo in the sidebar at the left, select Global Configuration.




User cannot log work on parent issues

Not selected (users can log time)

When this option is selected, users cannot log time on Jira issues that have sub-tasks.

Users can specify a start time when they log time

Not selected

When this option is selected, a Time box is added to the Log Time dialog box that users fill out every time they log time. Users can specify a start time for their logged time in this box.

If this option in not selected but users want to specify a start time for their worklogs, they must log time in the Time view of the My Work Calendar.

See also Time difference between JIRA worklogs and Tempo worklogs.

Remaining estimate is optional


By default, users are not required to enter an estimate of remaining time in a worklog. If this option is selected and an issue has no Original estimate, the Remaining estimate is not calculated in the time-tracking entry. If the option is selected and an issue has Original estimate, the Remaining estimate is reduced by the time spent until the value 0 is reached. The Remaining estimate cannot be a negative number, but if it has reached 0, the user can add a new one.

Clear the check-box if users should not be able to log time without adding a remaining estimate.

Worklog description is optional


By default, users are not required to enter a description for each worklog. Clear the check-box if users should not be able to log time without entering a work description.

Users can log time for closed and archived accounts


When this option is not selected, it is not possible to log time or edit/ delete an existing worklog on an issue with an account in closed status.

Users can log time on non-editable issues


When this option is not selected and the jira.issue.editable property is set to false in the Jira workflow status, a Tempo Timesheets user cannot log work.

(info) A few notes:

  • This property is false by default in the Jira workflow for issues in Closed status.

  • If the option is selected, the workflow status must have a direct transition to Reopened status and a transition from there back to the Closed status, in the JIRA workflow. The user must also have a permission to execute the reopen transition.

  • The workflow transitions can be hidden. You can use the Hide Transition option provided by the JIRA Misc Workflow Extensions plugin, if you don't want users to see the Reopen option in the issue view

Maximum hours per day per user:


Unlimited provides an unlimited value for maximum hours. If a limited value is selected in the drop-down list, the lowest value is set as the Hours per day in Jira Time Tracking settings and the highest value ends in 24 Hours. The values increment by one hour from the lowest to the highest.

Users can log time up to this number of days into the future:

90 days

Other options, range from 0 Days to 360 Days. 0 Days means the user cannot log time for Tomorrow. 360 Days means that the user cannot log time on a date that is over a year from current date.

Logging Time with Start Time

By default, this option is not selected, but if selected any Tempo Timesheets user can set start time when logging time. This means that the Date box in the Log Time dialog box changes to a date/time box. The current time is used as the default time for the current date, before the user logs the start time. If the start time option is selected, the time is displayed in all reports.

  • The time can be changed by writing directly into the boxes

  • The time can also be changed by clicking the boxes and selecting the time in the drop-down list.

  • All dates from start date to end date in Period worklog show the same time as selected in the time boxes.

  • The default time for dates other than the current date is 00:00.

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