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Moving Items with the Toolbar

Using the Structure toolbar or your keyboard, you can move items up or down within a structure, or change their location within the hierarchy, one position at a time.

To move an item, simply highlight it in your structure and use one of the following commands.


Keyboard Shortcut

What it does

Move Up

Ctrl + Up

Without changing the item's parent, moves the item up and places it before the previous child - if possible.

Move Down

Ctrl + Down

Without changing the item's parent, moves the item down and places it after the next child - if possible.

Level Up / Outdent

Ctrl + Left

Move the item one level up. This will place the item after its parent.

Level Down / Indent

Ctrl + Right

Move the item to be a sub-issue of its current preceding sibling.

Mac Users: Use Cmd instead of Ctrl.

When you move an item that has sub-items, the whole sub-tree is moved.

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