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Summary Column

The Summary column displays the issue summary and, optionally, part of the issue description. For folders, it shows the folder name.

Summary can be edited right in the structure widget and it is the only field required for creating new issues.

Structure Hierarchy

The Summary column is also where the structure hierarchy is displayed. The text for sub-items is indented relative to their parent items.

Customizing the Summary Column

To customize the Summary column, click the arrow icon in the column header and select which items should be displayed:

  • Item Description
  • Item Icons
  • Sprint and Version attributes (Sprint start date, end date, and sprint goal; Fix Version start date, release date, and description) - only applies when items are grouped by Sprint or Version
  • Show Project Lead - only applies when items are grouped by Project

Summary column options

The Summary column cannot be removed from the Structure grid or reconfigured to a different column type, because it displays the hierarchy.

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