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Adding Columns

Structure provides a number of columns that display information about issues in the structure. You can customize the displayed columns by adding new columns, changing each column configuration, or switching to a new view.

Adding New Columns

To add a column, click on the + button at the right corner of the table header. A drop-down with the available column presets appears. To select the desired column, you can:

  • Use the mouse to find a specific column,
  • Use the keyboard arrow keys to select the column and hit Enter when done, or
  • Start typing the column name to filter the list, and then select the appropriate column.

To abort adding a new column, hit Escape.

Use keyboard shortcut TT to quickly open the Add Column dialog (hit "t" twice).

To learn more about the different columns available in Structure and how to manage them, see the following articles:mns:

Structure also contains extension API, so the selection of available columns may be extended by a third-party plugin.

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