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Count Sub-Items Column

The Count Sub-Items column allows you to quickly see how many items are beneath an issue or folder within a structure.

Structure with Count Sub-Items column

In the example above, we can see that there are 2 sub-items beneath story STR-6 and a total of 14 sub-items contained in the Roadmap Features folder.

Use Cases

The Count Sub-Items column can be used to identify:

  • How many items are contained within a folder or other grouping
  • How many issues have been assigned to each resource (when your issues are grouped by Assignee)
  • How many tasks are necessary to complete each story, epic, or initiative

Depending on how you've grouped your items, you may not want to count all sub-items. Instead, it may be more useful to just count the bottom level. In this case, you could use the Count Leaves column.

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