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Creating a New Test Run

To create a new test run in Structure.Testy, click the icon to the right of the column headers. In the dropdown menu, select Create new test run...

Add a column to create new test run

Don't see the Create new test run column? Check with your Jira Administrator to ensure Structure.Testy is installed on your instance. 

In the column dialogue, enter a descriptive name for the test run, e.g. "Test Run 1 2/03/2022 Chrome 79.0". The name of each test run should be unique within any one structure.

Assigning a name for the test run

The options below the Test Run field allow you to choose which additional information will be displayed alongside the test result for each issue. See Test Run Column Display Options to learn more about these options.

Once you're finished, press enter or click the √ icon to save the new test run.

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