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Milestones allow you to mark key points within a project plan. They can be created from issues, folders or memos in the structure.

Milestone in a Gantt chart

Once a milestone is added to the chart, you can drag it to a desired date (if Manual Scheduling is enabled) and link tasks or groups to it. If a milestone has been manually scheduled, it will have a dark ridge down it's center:

Manually scheduled milestones have a black line

In order to manually schedule a milestone, you first need to set the Milestone attribute under the Manual Scheduling Configuration configuration.

Creating a Milestone

There are two ways milestones can be created within a Gantt chart:

  1. Display specific tasks as milestones using slice-based configurations.
  2. Use the Milestone button to manually convert a selected item into a milestone.

milestone button

Since there is no concept of milestone in Jira, milestones are only visible within Structure.Gantt. However, their dates can be exported using Structure Effectors.

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