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Sharing a Perspective

Perspectives allow you to save or send a link to the current structure and its current view. Using a perspective link, users can see the structure and column layout exactly as you see it (with some limitations).

To save or share a perspective, open Structure Board and click the Share button in the Structure toolbar.

Share a perspective

You can save a link to the perspective or email it to other users:

  • To save a link to the perspective, click the Copy button.
  • To email the perspective link to other users, enter each user's email address, full name or username, type a personalized message (optional), and click Share. This will email the perspective link AND give the users View-level access to the structure (if you have Control-level access).

    If the recipient already has a higher-level access, they will continue to have that access level.

Viewing a Shared Perspective

To view a perspective, simply follow the link you saved or received in an email. This will open the structure in Perspective mode - that is, the Structure Board will look mostly the way it looked when the perspective was created.

A special Perspective View will be automatically selected. It represents the column configuration that was in use when the perspective was created. It is temporary and read-only. You can modify it, make it permanent by saving it under a new name, or switch back to some other view.

If you receive an error message when trying to view a shared perspective, it is likely because the perspective link has expired. Contact the user who shared the link with you, and ask them to share it again.


When creating a perspective, please consider the following:

  1. If you share the link with someone who has no access to Structure, or to the individual structure for which the perspective was created, they won't be able to use your link. Note: if you use the email sharing option, users are automatically given view-level access to the structure.
  2. If the structure contains issues accessible to you but not to the recipient, they will not see them in the structure, even in Perspective mode.
  3. Issue hierarchy is not stored in the perspective. If issues have been moved around the structure or rearranged in some other way since the perspective was created, users will see those changes when they open the perspective.

    If you need to preserve the issue hierarchy, open the structure history and select the latest change before creating the perspective. This way, users will see the structure in history mode when they open the perspective.

  4. If a perspective is not accessed for some time, it may be automatically removed from the system. This behavior can be configured or disabled by Jira administrators via Structure Maintenance.
  5. Once created, a perspective becomes accessible to any person who has access to the structure for which that perspective was created.
  6. For best results, open perspectives in a new tab. If you update the view manually and then open a perspective link in the same tab, Structure will used the manually-selected view instead of the perspective view. 
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