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To plan consulting revenue in Tempo for Server

To plan consulting revenue in Tempo Budgets for Server, you must be the folio owner or be an administrator for the folio:

  1. Select a folio using Tempo > (folio name).
  2. Select the Revenue tab then click Planned to view the Total Planned Revenue page.
  3. Click Plan a consulting revenue (o).
  4. Enter information about the planned revenue:
    1. Name - enter a name for the revenue
    2. Role - select a role for the planned consultants.
    3. Repeat - select the number of human resources to plan the consulting revenue for.
    4. From - enter the date to start calculating revenue, or select the Folio start date.
    5. To - enter the date to stop calculating revenue, or select the Folio end date.
    6. Planned Effort - enter the planned effort for the position, either in fixed hours, or as a percentage of total capacity.
    7. Price Rate - enter or select a Price Rate for the consultants.
    8. Account - select an account to link.
    9. Labels - select Jira issue labels to associate with the human resource.
    10. Description - enter a description about this position.
  5. Click Plan to complete consulting revenue planning, or select Plan another and click Plan to continue planning consulting revenues.

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