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Timesheet Approval Notifications

Approving team timesheets requires the Manage Team or Approve Timesheet permission for the team. Viewing the contents of team timesheets requires the View Team Worklogs permission for the team.

This page describes the workflow notifications that are sent in connection with timesheet approvals and how they appear in the Activity Stream

The team member Lars Petersen has completed the month's required work and submits his timesheet to Taylor for approval.

Both Lars and Taylor have configured a dashboard to display all Tempo Activity. The screenshot below shows the activity that is displayed in the activity stream on Lars's and Taylor's dashboards.

The Activity Stream shows Lars's request to Taylor to review his work for the month

Taylor can Approve or Reject the timesheet in Lars's timesheet.

Taylor thinks Lars needs to improve the descriptions for his worklogs, so he rejects the timesheet with a comment to Lars

Reject Timesheet dialog box

The Rejected activity is added to the dashboard's Activity Stream.

Lars improves the worklog description and sends his timesheet again to Taylor, and this activity is added to their dashboards.

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