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Working with Baselines

Viewing Saved Baselines

To compare the current chart to a saved baseline, open the Baseline menu and select the baseline you wish to use.

Open an existing baseline

Baseline Offset

When viewing a chart with a baseline, hover over any item to see how far ahead or behind the baseline schedule the task currently is.

Baseline offset

Hiding Baselines

When a baseline is applied, it's name is displayed in the Baseline menu. 

To hide the baseline (so you just see the current chart), open the Baseline menu and click No Baseline.

Exporting Baselines

You can include baselines when exporting a Gantt chart.

Export Gantt to PDF

To include baselines in an export:

  • Make sure the baseline you want to include is visible in the chart before selecting Export Gantt Chart
  • Check the Baseline option in the Gantt Chart Details section of the Export dialogue
  • Select whether or not Baseline delays should be displayed

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