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Staff Members CSV Export

Following grid show all budget fields that are exported and description of their contents.
Note the grid order may differ from the actual export file column order


Import Notes

CategoryThe category (always "SALARY")


The role of the staff member


The description for the staff member


The reporter of the data

Start date

The start date of the worked hours period or the date on which the wage is effective.

End date

 The end date of the worked hours period.


The wage of the staff member (hourly rate).


The availability ratio (%) of the staff member.

Worked Hours

The hours worked in the period defined by the start date and end date.

Custom fields

The value for a specific custom field.


Export will generate for a member :

  • one row per wages and/or availability.
  • one row per worked hours
  • no row will be generated for "computed worked hours"
Exported CSV Example
"Category","Type","Name","Member","Description","Reporter","Wage","Availability","Worked Hours","Start date","End date"
"SALARY","Administration","admin","admin","Project Manager","admin","45.00","100.0000","","2013/09/02",""
"SALARY","Administration","admin","admin","Project Manager","admin","33.00","50.0000","","2013/11/05",""
"SALARY","Administration","admin","admin","Project Manager","admin","","","35.00","2013/12/01","2013/12/07"
"SALARY","Designers Web","Unassigned","unassigned","Designer Web senior","admin","50.00","100.0000","","2013/09/02",""

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