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Sharing & Collaboration in Roadmaps

View and Edit Shared Roadmaps

When a user on your account shares a roadmap with you, they can choose to add you to the roadmap as an Editor or a Viewer, depending on how they'd like you to collaborate on the roadmap. Editors and Viewers have different access permissions to the shared roadmap, so how you've been added will determine what you can do on the shared roadmap.

Accessing your shared roadmaps

You can view and access all the roadmaps that have been shared with you from the Shared with Me folder in your Roadmaps module. 


What can you do on a shared roadmap?

What you can do on a shared roadmap depends on whether you've been added as an Editor or a Viewer. To be added as an Editor, you must be a Collaborator. To be added as a Viewer, you can be either a Collaborator or a Reviewer. 

TIP: If you're not sure what your user role is or you want a different user role, speak with the Roadmunk Account Admin in your organization.

If you're an Editor, you can ...

If you're a Viewer, you can ...

Add Editors to Shared Roadmaps

Add Viewers to Shared Roadmaps

You add a Viewer to a roadmap using the Sharing Settings dialog. You can open the dialog from your Roadmaps module or directly from the roadmap.

Open Sharing Settings from Roadmap Home

  1. Select the Roadmaps module in the navbar then open the My Roadmaps folder.

  2. In the My Roadmaps folder, select the roadmap you want to share.

  3. On the Roadmaps toolbar, click the Members button to open the Sharing Settings dialog.

Open Sharing Settings from the roadmap


On the Roadmap navbar, you can click into the Sharing Settings from the top-right corner (shown above). You can also mouse over the icon to see how many team members are currently sharing the roadmap, including yourself.

Adding Editors & Viewers

On the dialog's Users with Access list, you'll see yourself listed as the Owner of the roadmap. If you've already shared the roadmap with other users, you'll see them on the list as well, together with their Permissions to the roadmap (Edit for Editors and View Only for Viewers).


In the Users with Access list, you can click the user's Permissions dropdown and select the permission level that you would like to grant them. Once permissions have been set, press the Save button to commit these changes.

NOTE: If View Only is grayed-out and you can't select it, it means the user is an Account Admin and will automatically have Editor access to all roadmaps so their permissions can't be changed to Viewer.

Who can share a roadmap?

To share a roadmap with teammates, you must be the Owner. Whoever creates a roadmap automatically becomes the Owner. You can see and access all the roadmaps you own in the Roadmap module's My Roadmaps panel. To share a roadmap, you must be an Editor of that roadmap.

View and Edit Shared Portfolio Roadmaps

To access a Portfolio Roadmap that has been shared with you, visit your Shared With Me folder. 

Any user you share your Portfolio Roadmap with will have View-Only access - however, if you share your Portfolio with the Owner of one of your Source roadmaps, that Owner will be able to make changes to the Items they own from the Portfolio Roadmap. 

NOTE: All changes made to Source Roadmaps will be reflected in the Portfolio roadmaps, and Account Admins can freely make changes to all items on a Portfolio  roadmap, and those changes will be reflected in the Source roadmaps.

Just like other roadmaps, Portfolios can be Exported to PNG, HTML, and URL. Portfolio owners and Account Admins can export the Portfolio to CSV. For more details on exporting a Portfolio roadmap, check out this article.

Who can export a view?

Unlike roadmap items and milestones, anyone with access to a Portfolio roadmap can export its views to PNG or HTML, including the roadmap's Owner and users sharing the roadmap as an Editor or a Viewer.

Sharing a Portfolio Roadmap

Like regular roadmaps, you can share your Portfolio roadmaps with other users in your Roadmunk account. Unlike regular roadmaps, only the owner of the Portfolio roadmap will have edit access. The users you share a Portfolio roadmap with will have View-only access.

You can add as many Viewers as you want to a Portfolio roadmap, and you can remove a Viewer or change their permissions at any time. Users are notified via email whenever they're added to a roadmap as a Viewer unless they've turned notifications off.

Who can share a Portfolio roadmap?

To share a Portfolio roadmap, you must be the Owner. Whoever creates a roadmap automatically becomes the Owner. You can see and access all the Portfolio roadmaps you own in the My Roadmaps and Portfolios folders.

Who can you share your Portfolio roadmap with?

Users with either a Collaborator or Reviewer role can be added to a Portfolio roadmap as a Viewer. If you add a Collaborator to your Portfolio Roadmap who is the owner of one of your Source roadmaps, they will be able to make changes to the items they own, regardless of View-Only permissions on the Portfolio.

What can a Portfolio roadmap Viewer do?

Users added to a Portfolio roadmap as a Viewer can:

  • Access and view the Portfolio roadmap

  • Duplicate the Portfolio roadmap

  • Export a Portfolio roadmap's view to PNG or HTML

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