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Creating Non-billable Accounts for Internal Issues

Creating accounts requires the Tempo Account Administrator permission.

In Tempo Timesheets, time logged to internal issues may be included in the billable hours, but these issues aren’t typically billable, such as vacation or sick time. To keep hours logged to internal issues separate from the billable hours, it's recommended to set up a non-billable account for the internal issues..

To create a non-billable account:

  1. Create an account​​ just for the internal issues.

  2. Create or select an Account Category with the ​Category Type​ of ​Internal​​, which identifies the account as non-billable.

  3. Link your Internal Jira project​ to this account so that employees can select this account when they're logging their time to internal issues.

  4. Employees log their time, making sure to select this Internal account from the Account dropdown in the Log Time form.

  5. They also need to enter 0 in the ​Billable​ field which automatically uses with the same number of hours entered in the ​Duration​​ field for total hours worked.

  6. Now when you run a report on your accounts, no hours that were logged to the Internal Issues account are included in the ​Billable​​ column, so your data is clean.

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