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Configuring Timesheet Reports and Gadgets

Jira administrators can configure Timesheet Reports & Gadgets so that your managers and team members are set up with the proper permissions or restrictions for the best possible experience. Configuration Settings are accessed from Administration > Manage Apps > Time Tracking.


Timesheet Configuration Settings

  • Timesheet Auditors Groups: Select the groups allowed to see time spent by other users.

If no groups are selected, all users have access to worklogs.

  • Timesheet Restricted Groups: Select the groups allowed to see time spent by other users with the the same group membership.

  • Timesheet Auditors Roles: Select the roles allowed to see time spent by other users.

Auditors Groups allow only users of the selected groups to see time spent by other users. Users of other groups can not see other user's timesheets, only their own. Note that Auditors Groups, Auditors Roles, and Restricted Groups do not depend on each other, and therefore can be combined to achieve sophisticated multi-level permissions. For example, a user in an Auditors Group, Auditors Role, and a Restricted Group can see another user's timesheet only if they are part of the same group.

  • Composition Issue Link: Select an issue link (in addition to sub-tasks) to aggregate hours into the parent issue.

  • Reverse Composition: Enable to use inward links for composition, e.g. is gathered by link.

  • Parent Issue Field: Select which reports to aggregate hours into parent issue, using issue fields in addition to sub tasks. Only Jira Agile "Epic Link" is supported.

  • Parent Issue Type: Select the parent issue type for reports to aggregate hours into (you can specify your Jira Portfolio parent issue type here).

  • In Progress Issues: Specify JQL to always show issues in Timesheet in basic self user view, e.g. 'assignee = currentUser() and status = "In Progress"'.

  • Maximum Period Limit (days): Set the maximum number of days to display in the Time Sheet Report or gadget.

  • Duration Format: Specify the format to display duration; for example 1d 2h 30m for Pretty Duration, 1.2d for Days, or 10.5h by default.

  • Show Total In Front: Enable to display an additional Total column in front of a table, if applicable.

  • Highlight Hours: Specify the number of worked hours to highlight over or under the specified limit for multiple users in the Time Sheet report and gadget.

  • Under Limit Color: Select the color to highlight worked hours under 1 day. Click the color swatch to select a color.

  • Over Limit Color: Select the color to highlight worked hours over 1 day. Click the color swatch to select a color.

  • Favorite Filters: Enable to restrict filter options to the current user's favorite filters.

  • Group by Fields: Select which fields to restrict in the Group By Field selector in the Time Sheet report configuration.

  • Exclude Projects: Select which project to exclude from the Project selectors in reports and gadgets configurations.

  • Weekend Type: Select which days to be specified as the weekend.

  • Decimal Separator: Specify a decimal separator. Decimal separator is usually determined by your locale settings, but you can override here.

  • Day Format 1: Specify a day format. The default format is "E". More about formats.

  • Day Format 2: Specify a day format. The default format is "d/MMM". More about formats.

  • Round Hours: Select how you want to round displayed hours. Report totals may not be equal to the sum of the rounded day/week values, if you are using hour rounding.

  • Page Size: Specify the number of items to display per page.

  • Worklog Limit: Specify an upper limit of the worklog count to not display details. Enter 0 to always show all.

  • Disable Logging Work: Enable to not allow logging work for all projects and groups. You can also specify which projects and groups for which logging work or updating entries in the reports is not possible.

  • Disable Timesheet Subscriptions: Enable to not allow subscribing to the Time Sheet Report.

  • Columns For Export: Select the base columns for export using the Excel view. If nothing is selected, all are processed. The order is predefined.

  • Hide Row Header At The End: Enable to hide row header columns at the end of the Time Sheet report.

Timesheet Holidays Settings

Use the holidays calendar to manually add one-time or annual fixed holidays that appear as days off in the Time Sheet report and gadget.

To add or remove a holiday:

  1. Click the day that you want to add a holiday to.

  2. Optional: Enable Fixed if you want this same date to appear each year as a holiday.


  3. Add a name for the holiday, and then click Save. The holiday is highlighted in red in the calendar.

  4. To remove a holiday, click the highlighted day in the calendar, and select Remove.

You can also import holidays by URL or as an uploaded .ics file. These could be a list of your corporate holidays, or an online list of country holidays (for example, from Calendar Labs).


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