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Format Layout & Colors in Swimlane View

Once you've set up a Swimlane's column and row headers, you can customize its look and feel and add more pivots by formatting the layout and colors.

Changing the order of headers

changing the order of headers in swimlane view

You can change the order of a Swimlane's column and/or row headers by dragging the header horizontally or vertically, as appropriate, to its new location.

Formatting a Swimlane's layout

You format a Swimlane's layout in the Format Layout tab. To open the tab, click the Format icon on the View navbar.

Formatting a swimlane layout

1. Change row header orientation

You can change the orientation of your Swimlane's row headers if you need more space to display field names. 

  1. In the Layout tab, find the Row Header Orientation label.

  2. Select the Vertical or Horizontal (default) button.

2. Combine multi-select headers

If a header field in a Swimlane is a Multi-Select List field, you can choose to display each selected value in a field as a separate header or to combine all selected values into a single header. To combine values into a single header:

  1. In the Layout tab, select Combine multi-select headers.

If the selection is grayed-out, it means that none of the header fields is a Multi-Select List field.

3. Select a different item label

By default, items on a Swimlane are labeled with their name (Items field). To create an additional pivot in the Swimlane, you can select a different field for the label.

  1. In the Layout tab, click the Item Labels dropdown.

  2. In the dropdown, select the new field for the labels.

4. Adjust the size of item labels

You can adjust the size of item labels from Regular to Large or Extra Large.

  1. In the Layout tab, click the Label Size dropdown.

  2. In the dropdown, select the new size.

Formatting a Swimlane's colors

You have two options when setting a Swimlane's colors: Color By Base Color and Color By Field. The default setting is Color By Base Color using a range of blues.

Change the Base Color

  1. In the Colors tab, Below the Color By dropdown, click the paint drop and select a new color.

Color the Swimlane by field

In addition to making your Swimlane more visually appealing, Color by Field allows you to create a color-based pivot in addition to the column and row header pivots. NOTE: At the moment, we do not support coloring by multi-select fields.

Coloring the swimlane by field
  1. In the Colors tab, click the Color By dropdown.

  2. In the dropdown, select the pivot field you want to apply the color pivot to (column or row header). 

selecting a color palette
  1. In the Palette dropdown, select the color palette you want to use.

  2. To make the colors of the pivot field headers (see step 2) match the colors you choose for the items (see step 6), select Column/Row Header Inherits Item Color below the Palette dropdown.

  3. In the Headers section of the tab, drag and drop the Header label onto the color you want to apply to the Swimlane's headers.
    TIP: If you choose NOT to match the color of the column/row headers with the items (see step 4), both sets of headers will use this color.

  4. In the Items section of the tab, drag and drop column/row header field values onto the color to indicate how you want to color-code the items on the Swimlane.

  5. Click the Format icon to close the panel.

Here's a snapshot of what your Swimlane might look like after you format its layout and colors.


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