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Viewing a Team Legacy Capacity Report

The Legacy Capacity Report is now available from the Resource Planning View.

You need the View plans permission for the teams to which the resources belong.

The Legacy Capacity report shows the planned hours and the time available for your team. Team members' planned time by the team and the amount of time used up by other commitments are shown in this report.

Capacity is the amount of time you can plan on an individual before available time is used up. The capacity percentage shows how much time is planned or available from the individual's capacity. For example, 30h/40h (75%) where 30h are planned from a capacity of 40h. This also shows an availability of 10h/40h (25%), where 10h are available from a capacity of 40h.

Viewing capacity of individual team members:

  1. Click Planning in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. Click the (...) button at the top-right and select Legacy Capacity Report.

  3. Select the team that you wish to generate the legacy capacity report.

  4. In the top-right, the Total tab is selected to show the total planned time for all teams, click Team to exclude the plans scoped to other teams.

    Note: Plans that are not scoped to any teams are included in Total and Team tabs.


  5. In the top-left, the Planned tab is selected to indicate that the capacity data shows the planned time. Click to change it to Available time.

  6. The breakdown is presented in Weeks by default, you can click on Months or Quarters to change the breakdown accordingly.

  7. Click the date range to navigate backward or forward and see the capacity calculations within those date ranges.

  8. Select the information to view:

    1. Planned - to view the planned time for the team in hours and as a percentage of their total capacity.

      The planned time is based on the total time of plans over the timeframe divided by the capacity of the individual.

    2. Available - the unplanned time for the team in hours. The available time is based on the total available time divided by the capacity of the individual.

    3. Team - excludes plans that are scoped to other teams. This tab also includes plans not scoped to any particular team.

      You can modify the membership and the capacity of any team in the Teams view. Click Teams in the Tempo sidebar.

    4. Total - the total hours of team members and their capacity across all teams where they are a member.

      - Click Planned to see the total planned time for team members.

      - Click Available to see the total unplanned time for team members.

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