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Monitoring Shared Resources in Team Planning

Reduce the risk of over-allocating shared team members. In the Team Planning view, team members who contribute to multiple teams are identified with the SHARED label next to their names.


The color-tagged icons represent the teams each resource is a member of. If a resource is a member of several teams, the last icon will display the number of additional teams they are part of. To see all their teams, hover over this number.

Administrative teams are not included in the SHARED list.

To view the shared resources:

  1. In the Team Planning View, select the Weeks view.

  2. Click the down arrow next to a team name to expand it and reveal the team members.

    A SHARED label is displayed next to the resource name along with the color-tagged team names.

    If a plan is created for a user in one team, then the plan is also shown for all other teams that this user is a member of. You can select to hide the scoped plans from other teams.

  3. Hover over the shared teams' icons to see the full names of the teams.


Create Team Scoped User Plans

When planning for shared resources in Team Planning, team leads can create a user plan scoped for a specific team.

To enable team scope:

  1. In the Team Planning view, click on the Weeks tab.

  2. Click the + on a day in the grid for a shared resource member to create a plan and enter the plan details.

  3. Scroll down to see the enabled checkbox for Team to Plan scoped to <team name>, where:

    - <team name> is the name of the team in the Team Planning view.


  4. The option is enabled by default. The plan will be created with a property that specifies that it is scoped to this team. If you want to remove the scope of this team for this plan, then uncheck this option.

  5. If the option is unchecked then the plan is not scoped for any team. For example, vacation plans should not be scoped to any team.

  6. Click the cogwheel and select Hide Plans from other teams. This option is checked by default. It hides the scoped user plans of the shared member from all other teams and makes it visible only to the team it was created in scope.

    Note that this does not affect plans that are not scoped to teams. Those are never hidden.


  7. To see if a plan is scoped to a team, click on the plan in the Team Planning view and select the Weeks view. This provides the proper resource availability to team managers when allocating resources to plans.

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