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Selecting Team Classification

Making changes to team classification requires the Tempo Team Administrator permission or the Manage Team permission for the relevant teams.

Choose if your team is an administrative teams or not. An Administrative team is created for administration purposes only.

Administrative teams are hidden from the Shared resources list in the Team Planning view. All administrative-related teams are filtered out to eliminate the distraction of showing shared resources among administrative teams. Those should not be factored in when evaluating resources' capacity and effort.

A non-administrative team is the typical project team that use Planner to plan their project. Resources in these teams that plan to work on multiple projects are shown as part of those teams in the Team Planning View. This helps resource managers assess those resources' capacity and select them when planning upcoming projects.

Change a Team to an Administrative Team

  1. Select Settings in the Tempo sidebar.

  2. Scroll down to the Teams section and select Classification.

  3. To search for the team, enter the team name in the search box.

  4. Check the Administrative columns for the teams you wish to change the classification.

When creating teams, you can specify the team type based on this classification and make changes to existing teams.

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