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Release Notes - August 2022

Monday, August 14 - Friday, August 19

New Feature

  • Introducing Teams - Simplify Roadmap Sharing with Teams in Roadmunk
    With our new Teams feature, account admins can easily curate user groups which help them to better manage their users, provide quick access to multiple team roadmaps, and control roadmap permissions for entire teams in a single action.


Monday, August 8 - Friday, August 12


  • Text was spilling from the feedback container in inbox view

  • Jira Integration was not working with Jira 9.0.0 and higher


Monday, August 1 - Friday, August 5


  • We've recently started rolling out some updates to some of the in-app feature tours around Roadmunk to reflect some of the new features we've been rolling out. Keep an eye out for them and keep us posted if you have any feedback!


  • As noted in our Status Page, our team was able to resolve an issue with Roadmunk being inaccessible on Wednesday. Thank you again for your patience and apologies again for any roadblocks this temporary issue may have caused.

  • Additionally, we also resolved a separate issue the same day where users were unable to access the item card via the Timeline view after our update rolled out on Tuesday night.

  • After much investigation, our team was able to resolve an issue where an error was shown during SAML authentication on published roadmaps if the user attempted to access the publication with increased security settings or popup blockers enabled.

  • Thanks to some great user feedback, we were able to update some of the logic on our roadmaps to ensure that items moved into a specific quarter respect the view-level  fiscal/calendar setting and not the roadmap-level fiscal/calendar setting.

  • The Item card was failing to open in Timeline view.

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