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Anonymous Usage Statistics

Please enable anonymous usage statistics, as it helps the developers better understand how Structure is used, prioritize improvement requests and build a better product. No Jira content or personally identifiable data is collected.

When anonymous usage statistics is enabled, Structure periodically sends some data from the Jira instance to Tempo.

The data consists of anonymized information related to the usage of Structure, such as an invocation count of each structure widget action (structure history is toggled 56.3 times a day on average, issues are pasted 30.7 times a day on average, etc.).

Here is a sample report that is sent to Tempo: Statistics Sample

Viewing Current Statistics

Jira administrators can always review the data that is about to be sent. To view the data:

  1. Navigate to Administration | Structure | Support
  2. Click View Current Statistics

Turning Anonymous Usage Statistics On and Off

To enable or disable Anonymous Usage Statistics:

  1. Navigate to Administration | Structure | Support
  2. Check or uncheck the Send anonymous usage statistics checkbox
  3. Click Apply

The information is collected in accordance with EULA and our privacy policy.

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