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Getting the Most Out of Structure

Structure is more than just a way to organize your issues - it's a full-featured project management tool that allows you to view, track, and manage your data in highly customizable ways. Building your structure is just the first step - now it's time to add columns, formulas, and other features to get the most out of your data.

Add Custom Columns

Structure allows you to display tons of information about each issue - building your own custom reports.

You can add a column for any Jira field, as well as many custom columns available only in Structure. Here are some of our most popular columns:

  • Field columns - display and (optionally) aggregate the values in Jira fields
  • Progress Column - calculate issue progress based on the values from the issue and its sub-issues
  • Test Run Column - add a lightweight testing checklist to a structure

  • Time in Status Columncalculate how much time issues spend in a particular status
  • Aggregate (Totals) Columns - aggregate values from numeric and time-tracking fields
  • Formula Columns - perform simple or complex calculations based on issue fields, or compare values from multiple fields

Learn more: Adding Columns

Filter Your Issues

The filter tool allows you to focus on a specific subset of issues within the structure, such as:

  • issues in a specific status
  • unresolved issues
  • issues assigned to you
  • issues related to a specific person, project, sprint, release, etc. 

Filter issues

Learn more: Filter

Share Your Structure

Now that you've created and customized your structure, share it with your team members, so they can see the same information you're seeing.

Share button

When you share a link to the structure, others will see the same hierarchy, issues, and columns as you - provided they have the necessary permissions. If you're not sure, you can click Share with everyone to make the structure visible to your whole organization.

Learn more: Sharing a Structure

Do More with Tempo

Tempo products work together to help organizations focus their priorities, people, and spend across their portfolio:

  • Structure.Gantt - Visualize your project on a timeline using any working method.
  • Timesheets - View logged time for your project. Plan time and track time for your teams.
  • Planner - Plan resource capacity for your teams.
  • Cost Tracker - Monitor the financial health of your projects with Structure and Cost Tracker. 
  • Custom Charts for Jira -  Easily build dashboard reports, charts, graphs, and more based on your structures.
  • Roadmunk - Link high-level planning with execution data with Roadmunk and Structure.

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