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Exploring View Settings in Resource Planning

Viewing your resources in the Resource Planning view requires the View Plans permission for the teams to which the resources belong.

In the Resource Planning view, you can change the viewing options by selecting them from the Settings cogwheel:

Row focus: hours and cards

In the Resource Planning view, the time allocation for resources can be presented in two ways:

  • If the Hours option is selected, the allocation for each resource is displayed to show the total hours each individual is scheduled daily. Expand the resource name to see the plan cards in the expanded rows.

  • If the Cards option is selected, the plan cards are moved to the top to provide the user with the planned data. The number of hours is displayed for each issue when expanding the resource name in the expanded rows.


Click on the Settings cogwheel to switch between Hours or the Cards view.

Cards View

In Cards view, you can expand the resource name and click on the Total Hours to see a breakdown of the hours per day. Click on the Availability button to see the daily availability for the individual resource.


To explore the plan data:

  • Click on the issue number in the plan card. This opens the Jira issue in a new tab.

  • Click on the plan card to edit the period plan details.

  • Hover over the plan card to view the plan information related to the total planned hours and the hours for the selected time period.

Compressing Cards

You can compress the plan cards to gain space on the Resource Planning view. In the Settings cogwheel:

  • Click to check the Compress Cards option. This compresses the plan cards to save space on the Planning board.

  • Click to uncheck the Compress Cards option. This restores the plan cards to their original size.

Resource Planning screen settings

This feature compresses all plan cards in Hours or in Cards view.

Compressing Expanded Resource Plan Rows

When planning for a large team, you can use the Compress expanded rows setting to see all plans and all calendar events on one page without the need to scroll down the pages of Jira issues and events. Expanding the resource plans for individual resources can also take up a lot of space. This feature compresses and summarizes the plans into the total plans, availability, and events.

  • In the Settings cogwheel, click to check the Compress expanded rows.

    The expanded plans for resources switch to the compressed view.

  • Scroll through the expanded rows. In the Cards view, the plans under each resource are summed up, providing the total Planned Hours per day. Click the Availability button to show the total availability per day.

Compress expanded rows selected on the Resource Planning screen
  • If the Show Calendar Events is checked in Settings, then events are summarized in the compressed view.

  • To return to the regular view, uncheck the Compress expanded rows.

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