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Approving Plans

The plan approval system lets team leads and managers approve and keep track of plans being created or modified by team members. For example, if a team member plans their vacation in the Resource Planning view, they must submit it for approval by their team lead or other manager. Managing vacation times helps resource managers and team leads juggle workloads for a project during that time period.

Watch our video: How to Approve Plans for Your Teams

Viewing the Plan Status

Plans in the Resource Planning view (both Days and Weeks views) are labeled according to type and status, so reviewers can quickly spot plans that are pending approval. When you hover over the colored dot on a plan, you see the plan's status and reviewer.

plan approval status.png
  • Rejected: The plan is shaded grey with a red dot and the text crossed out.

  • Pending: The plan is shaded purple with a yellow dot.

  • Approved: The plan is white with a green dot.

Submitting a Plan for Approval

If you're a team member, you can create a plan, such as for your vacation or other personal time off, then submit it for approval to a reviewer, who is usually your team lead or manager. You do not need any additional permissions to create and submit your own plans.

To create and submit a plan:

  1. Create a plan or edit an existing plan in the Resource Planning view or the Team Planning Timeline.

    Tip: To plan your vacation, see Planning Your Own Time.

  2. Do either of the following to select a reviewer to approve your plan:

    - In the Resource Planning view, select a Reviewer in the Plan Time form.

    - In the Team Planning timeline, select a Reviewer in the Create Plan/Plan Details side panel on the right

  3. Click Plan Time, and an email is automatically sent to the reviewer, prompting them to approve the plan. The plan's status changes to Pending.

    The Reviewer is usually your team lead, but it can be anybody on the list who has the Approve Plans permission for your team. In fact, if you have the Approve Plans permission, such as if you're a team lead, you can approve your own plans.

    When your plan is approved or rejected, you'll get an email notifying you of this, and you'll see the plan's status change (see above) in the Resource Planning view or Team Planning timeline.

Approving or Rejecting Plans

If you are a team lead or manager, you can approve the plans that your team members (or others) have submitted to you for approval. When you are selected as a Reviewer and a plan is submitted, you'll receive a notification email.

To approve or reject plans in the Resource Planning view:

  1. Do either of the following:

    - In your Plan Approval notification email, click View plan. The Resource Planning view opens and shows you the relevant plan for the team member.


    - Select Planning in the Tempo sidebar, and find the team member whose plan is Pending and requiring approval.

  2. Click the (...) in the upper-right corner of the pending plan card and select Approve or Reject.

    approve or reject pending time card.png
  3. The team member who submitted the plan gets an email notifying them of the plan approval or rejection.

If a plan is moved to another date after it has been approved or rejected, it returns to the Pending status and an email notification of this change is sent to the reviewer. The reviewer must then approve or reject this plan.

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