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Creating New Structures

To create a new structure, open the Structure Selector menu and select Create Structure.

Structure menu - Create Structure

You'll be asked which mode you would like to use to create the structure, Speed mode or Power mode.

The only difference between the two modes is the way you build your hierarchy (how you add and organize your issues).

  • In Speed mode, you start with scope (what projects do you work from) and tell Structure what you want to see on every level of your hierarchy (issue types, groupings by field, etc.). 

  • In Power mode, you can build structures by hand or using generators (rules for inserting, grouping, and adding related issues). In Power mode you can also add flex items, which which can be used for project planning or grouping issues.

All other functionality (adding columns, sorting columns, formulas, quick filters, etc.) works the same, regardless of the mode you selected. 

Speed mode vs power mode

For more information about the different methods for building structures, see:

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