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View Staff Memberships

The Team Memberships column in the Manage Staff table can be explored to view the status of staff members and their membership status in Tempo Teams.

A staff member can:

  • Currently belong to one or multiple Tempo Teams

  • Be a future team member assigned to a team but starting in the near future

  • Be a team member that has left the team

  • Not belong to any team

To view the staff membership:

  1. In the Manage Staff table, the status of the memberships is displayed in the Team Memberships column. See the memberships of each staff member.

  2. Click in the Team Memberships column for a staff member that belongs to one team or multiple teams. The Team Membership for the member opens to display:

    • The Team that the member belongs to. This could be multiple teams.

    • The team member Role in each team.

    • The Joining date.

    • The Leaving date.

    • The team member Status. This can be current, previous or upcoming.

  3. The membership status is Current if the Joining and the Leaving dates are in scope of the current date, or if the fields are left blank.

  4. Click on the row for a staff member that shows 'Not currently a team member'.

    The status of an expired membership shows Previous, if the Leaving date is in the past.

  5. Click on the row for a staff member that shows 'Not currently a team member'. The membership can be Upcoming as the Joining date is in the near future.

  6. A staff member that is not assigned to any Tempo Teams shows 'Not a team member' in the Team Memberships column. To assign this member to a team, click Teams.

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