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Progress Based on Resolution Only

When Issue Progress is based on Resolution Only within a Progress column, the progress is calculated based on the issue’s Resolution field and the progress of its sub-issues.

Calculating Progress for Issue Without Sub-Issues

If the issue does not have sub-issues:

  • If the issue's Resolution field is not empty, the progress is 100%.
  • Otherwise, the progress is 0%.

Calculating Progress for Issue with Sub-Issues

If the issue does have sub-issues:

  • If the issue's Resolution field is not empty, the progress is 100% - regardless of the sub-issues' progress.
  • Otherwise, the issue's progress is the weighted average of its sub-issues.

You can specify how an issue's weight is determined in the column configuration panel.


Resolution Only with Story Points

When Issue Progress is based on Resolution Only and the Weight is determined by Story Points:

  • Individual progress is 0% or 100% based on Resolution field
  • Total progress is calculated as a weighted average, with weights contained in the Story Points field




Sub-sub-issue 2.2

This issue is resolved (indicated by the green mark) - so it is complete.


Sub-issue 1

It has two sub-issues with 0% and 100% progress, and story points are 2 and 3 respectively. So the total progress is the weighted average value of (0 x 2 + 100 x 3) / (2 + 3).


Top issue

It has two sub-issues: Sub-issue 1 (60% done) and Sub-issue 2 (0% done), and their cumulative story points are (2 + 3) and 1, respectively. So the progress is (60 x 5 + 0 x 1) / (5 + 1).


Estimating Total Progress When Weight Values Are Missing

When calculating a parent’s total progress, children without weight values are calculated using an average weight of their siblings.

In the above example, we might assume that the progress of Top Issue would be 25%, because 5 story points are completed, out of total 20 (7+5+8) - but that only works if Sub-issue 4 requires no work to complete. That's probably not the case!

In order to account for the work Sub-issue 4 will require, Structure assumes an average number of story points (or whatever the selected weight value), based on the values of its siblings. In this case, that's the average of 7, 5, and 8 - or 6.66.

When Structure calculates the progress for Top Issue, it compares the completed story points of all siblings (5) against the combined actual and estimated story points (7+5+8+6.66), for a total progress of 18%.

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