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REST APIs for Your Migration

For your larger migration tasks, you will likely need to leverage REST APIs to extract data from your Jira Server or Data Center environment and import data into your Jira Cloud environment. This includes using Tempo REST APIs as well as Jira Cloud REST APIs to update the Tempo Team and Account custom fields.

As a starting point, you can find the official Tempo REST API documentation for both Cloud and Server / Data Center. In addition, the following sections have detailed information that will help you to understand the APIs and how to use them for both the Server / Data Center and Cloud platforms. The code examples provide for curl and you will need to transform those into your preferred way of dealing with the REST APIs. All information provided in curly brackets “{}” need to be replaced with the variables from your instance.

To work against the Tempo Cloud REST APIs you will need an OAuth2.0 authentication key. The Tempo Cloud REST API only accepts OAuth2.0 authentication and therefore you will need to create a machine-to-machine authentication token. You can refer to our Cloud REST API documentation to learn how to achieve that. The machine-to-machine authentication token is bypassing all permission to ensure that all worklogs/ plans are returned from any REST API call.

For any requests to Jira (necessary to update issues) you will need an API token from Atlassian. The API token is then used with a basic authentication where the email address of your Atlassian ID is your username and the API token serves as the password. Further details can be found here.

Below you can find instructions for both Jira Server / Data Center and Jira Cloud REST APIs to specifically assist you with your migration.

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