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Release Notes - April 2020

Monday, April 27 - Thursday, April 30

  • Adding ideas to your roadmap just got easier, thanks to an updated design that allows you to create and link multiple ideas to roadmap items directly from the prioritization view.

  • Users’ initials are now displaying correctly within colored avatar circles for those who haven’t uploaded their own avatar images.

  • For Safari users, we fixed an issue where field values would overlap on top of each other when more than 20 were added to the field card.

  • We updated “Manage Product Area” under Products and Components so that collaborators who don’t have the necessary permissions are hidden from the “Product Area Owners” drop-down.

Monday, April 20 - Friday, April 24

  • We updated an issue that was causing users to be moved to a different product area when redirecting a piece of feedback.

  • When a user is assigned to an item from the Team Members field, they will now be notified via email.

  • As part of the data we pull for our weekly digest emails, users will now be able to see the total number of items they’ve created each week for roadmaps they’re owners of. 

  • We gave the app a mini-makeover by updating button styles to ensure they match the designs across all browsers.

  • We added changes to allow users to move items with roadmaps fields to another roadmap. (Originally, it was impossible to move items to another roadmap if roadmap fields were present.)

  • We fixed a bug to make sure email notifications wouldn’t be sent to unintended recipients who have the team member email notification feature turned off.

Monday, April 13 - Friday, April 17

  • Users can now select multiple items on the item table by holding the “Shift” key down and selecting. 

  • For organizations with Roadmunk’s feedback and idea management suite enabled for Reviewers, the Feedback page is now the new homepage when logging in to your account.  

  • Users can now duplicate one or multiple items within the items table. The item’s name, description, fields and their values, sub-items and key dates will also be duplicated at the same time.

  • As we continue to ramp up our weekly digest emails, we pulled information to include a section for upcoming milestones and key dates associated with users’ Roadmunk accounts, in addition to a section on items that are starting and ending soon.

  • In order to create cohesion across the app, we updated the limit of ideas added per item to 10.

  • When using the Swimlane or Timeline views, users now have more space to add an item and scroll horizontally thanks to an expanded viewport. 

Monday, April 6 - Friday, April 10

  • We implemented a shortcut so users can close any dialog with an “x” by hitting the ESC key.

  • We updated the top headers in the Swimlane view to make sure they don’t overflow beyond the vertical headers when scrolling horizontally. 

  • We began sending out weekly digest emails to Collaborators and Account Admins who are owners of roadmaps, providing them with a summary of their account activity across the Roadmunk platform.

  • Character limits on both feedback and idea submissions were increased to a maximum of 10,000 characters, while comments were increased to a maximum of 2,500 characters.

  • We added changes to prevent character limit counts from breaking onto two separate lines when adding comments. 

  • Thanks to a design update, the “Publish to URL” button is now visible at all times when exporting a roadmap to a URL—no need to scroll to find it. 

  • We fixed an issue where feedback from either a deleted customer or deleted contact was listed as coming from “Deleted Customer.” Now when that occurs, it will instead be listed as coming from the organization it was submitted from.

  • We resolved an issue where roadmaps that were integrated with Jira failed to sync after removing a linked item in Jira. Now, items that are removed simply become unlinked in Roadmunk and ultimately sync without error.

  • We made some improvements so that comments created in item cards are immediately saved in the Activity tab as soon as users submit them.

Wednesday, April 1 - Friday, April 3

  • We added a “Close” button on CSV upload modals to make it clearer when files have finished importing. We also included an uploading confirmation message to ensure there’s no confusion when files and contacts are imported and ready to view.

  • For Firefox users, we fixed an issue that caused text to run outside the commenting input box.

  • We improved the discoverability of commenting by adding a comment section in the fields tab of item cards. Thanks to placeholder text that reminds you where you can add a comment, it’s now easier than ever to include comments in your roadmaps.

  • We fixed an issue where deactivated ideas were still showing up on item cards.

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