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Release Notes - February 2021

Monday, February 22 - Friday, February 26


  • Thanks to a bug fix, clicking a Standalone Sub-Item on a published roadmap will now successfully open up it's Item Card.

  • Looking to merge some Fields? Suggested Merges now populates with all possible options.

Monday, February 16 - Friday, February 19


  • Has a roadmap been shared with you, that's no longer relevant? Now you can easily remove yourself from a roadmap through its sharing settings.

  • We've added a new Week Label Format option to include Week #! Use this on your Timeline or Swimlane views that are shorter than two years in length.

Monday, February 8 - Friday, February 12


  • Updated styling and coloring has been applied to the Date Header selector in Timeline view for improved consistency.

  • We've now pinned the "Add Header" button to the top left corner on Timeline views to make this more discoverable. 🔍

  • Do you use Moves with Dependencies? No more needing to use the arrows to change the number of days between two Items, you can now type this number in! ⌨️

Monday, February 1 - Friday, February 5


  • We squashed a bug which now ensures the Milestone Type field is read-only and not editable on an archived roadmap. 👀

  • Another small fix out the door! The notification checkbox is now disabled on an archived Team Member field.

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