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Using and Configuring the Issues Side Panel

Logging time for yourself requires the Work On Issues permission. Logging time for other team members requires the Log Work for Others permission.

The Issues side panel on the right side of the My Work calendar in Tempo Timesheets and the Resource Planning view in Tempo Planner lists Jira issues organized by type (from predefined JQL searches). There you can access your Jira issues for logging or planning time against them. Issues are grouped into lists that are displayed on tabs you can select between. By default, Recent, Assigned, and Favorite issues are available for quick access. You can configure the Issues side panel to show the issues most relevant to you. Tempo remembers your side panel preferences.

You can log time on issues by dragging them from the Issues side panel onto the My Work calendar, or plan time in the Resource Planning view in the same way.

To access the Issues side panel:

  • By default the Issues side panel is collapsed. Use the double arrows at the bottom right to expand or collapse the side panel.

Selecting Issue Lists in the Issue Picker

Issues are grouped into tabbed lists in the Issues side panel. Click the tabs to switch between lists.

To see additional issue lists, click the ... button next to the tabbed issue lists. Select the list you want view.

You can select which 3 issue lists should be displayed in the Issues side panel for easy access. In the Issues side panel, click the gear icon. 

The top three lists are bolded to show that they are easy access, and in what order. To select which lists are displayed and in what order, click the || to the left of the list name and drag it to the desired location. You can only display three tabbed lists in the Issues side panel at a time. 

  • Assigned - issues assigned to you by yourself or others.

  • Watched - issues you are watching.

  • Recent - a selection of issues that you have recently viewed.

  • Favorite - all issues that you have marked as favorites and want to access frequently. You can mark an issue as a favorite by clicking the star next to it.

  • Internal Issues - a selection of 20 issues that are configured as internal, such as vacation, sickness, etc.

When you are done, click X in the upper-right corner to exit Configure mode.

Marking Issues as a Favorite

If you are working on many different issues at one time, it can be helpful to mark some of them as favorites, making them easier to access. You can mark an issue as a favorite by clicking the star next to it so it turns yellow, as shown below. All your favorite issues are available in the Favorite list.

When you no longer need quick access to an issue you have marked as a favorite, simply remove it from your favorites list by clicking the star.

Adding Jira Projects and Filters to the Issue Lists

You can add multiple Jira projects and Jira filters as custom issue lists. Jira projects and filters can only be added in the My Work Issues side panel.

To add projects and filters to the Issue picker:

  1. In the Issues side panel, click the gear icon. For information about how to open the Issues side panel, see above.
  2. Select the Jira project and/or the Jira filter you want to add.

  3. The project/filter is displayed at the top of the issue list. If you don't want the project/filter to be tabbed in the Issues side panel, drag it down the list.

  4. To remove a project/filter from the Issue lists, click the X for the relevant project/filter.

  5. Click X at the top-right to exit Configure mode.


  • A filter returns only 50 Jira issues.
  • When a filter is deleted in Jira, it must be deleted in the side panel too.
  • When a filter is renamed in Jira, you need to remove the filter from the Issue picker and add it again with the new name.

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