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Tracking Time Spent on Issues

Creating a Tempo tracker requires the Work on Issues permission for the project the issue belongs to.

A tracker is a Tempo stopwatch that can be used to record time spent working on an issue. Once started, it continues to record time until it is paused. After you've completed your work, you can quickly log your time against your work by stopping the tracker. The tracker then pre-populates the Log Time form with the time spent, making it easy to enter your time accurately.

There are two ways to access the Tempo tracker:

A. On the Tempo menu, select Tracker. The tracker appears collapsed at the bottom-right.

B. You can also start tracking time directly in an issue. Open the desired issue, and then select Start Tracker on the More menu. The tracker clock starts running at the bottom-right.


You can only run one tracker at a time. Starting a tracker for an issue when you already have the tracker running for a different issue, simply restarts the tracker without saving the time for the first issue.

Starting and Stopping the Tracker

Start and stop your tracker using the controls on your tracker. To start tracking time, click the Start button. Once the tracker has started, a timer is displayed showing the elapsed time.

You can click 

 to expand the Tracker Bar for more details.

Use the Pause 

 and Start 
 buttons to stop and restart the tracker.


You can click the Tempo Timesheets logo in the tracker to open your timesheet. You can also click the Jira issue key and summary to open the selected issue, in case you have navigated away from it.

When you have finished work on the issue, click the Stop button. The Log Time form opens, with the Start Time, End Time,and Total Time automatically recorded from the tracker. Once the worklog has been submitted, the tracker goes back to its initial state.


  • The time recorded is rounded up/down to the next minute. The tracker keeps running in the background until you click the Log Time button in the Log Time form.

  • To close the Tracker without logging time, click the X to the right on the Tracker when it's running.

Clearing the Tracker

To escape or clear the tracker bar without logging work, click the close button X to the right in the bar. If the tracker has been running, a confirmation window will be displayed. Click Confirm to clear the tracker or Cancel to continue tracking your time.

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