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Copying a Structure

Using the Save as New Structure tool, you can create a full copy of a structure in just a few clicks. The new structure will contain the same generators, issues, flex items, and hierarchy as the original structure.

When you copy a structure, you are adding the same issues to the new structure. You are not creating any new issues.

Save as New Structure

To create a copy of the open structure, open the Structure Selector menu and select Save as New Structure.

Save as New Structure

Save as New Structure

You can also create a copy of any existing structure from the All Structures screen.

In the Save as New Structure window, you can select a name for the new structure, provide a description, and assign permissions for the new structure:

  • Copy from the original structure - the new structure will keep the same access permissions as the original

  • Do not share the structure - only you will have access to the new structure

Save as New Structure settings

Save as New Structure settings

When you copy a structure, it preserves the original mode:

  • Structure created in Speed mode → Speed mode structure

  • Structure created in Power mode → Power mode structure

  • Structure created before Speed/Power mode was available → Power mode structure

To assign custom permissions, select one of the available options now, and once the new structure has been created, update its permissions via Manage Structures.

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