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Planning in the Jira Issue View

Team members can plan time for themselves to work on issues. Planning time for other team members requires the View Team Plans and Manage Team Plans permissions for the teams.

Plans are a record of time allocated to work on projects and are the core of Tempo Planner. Tempo provides many ways to create plans, including by using the Jira issue view. 

You can create a plan with Tempo Planner in the Tempo Planner panel, which is located after the issue’s description and any additional Jira fields in the Jira Issue View.

Plans that are scheduled within a year in the past or future are displayed in the Jira issue view. If you want to view plans that occur outside this time frame, use the Tempo Planned Time report or Resource planning view.

To create a plan in the Tempo panel:

  1. In the Jira issue view, click the Plan Time button if nothing has been planned for this issue, or select Plan Time from the drop-down next to the Log Time button.

  2. Fill out the Plan Time dialog box.


If you have the View All Worklogs permission for the project, data of other users will be displayed in the Collaborators panel at the right.

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