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Working with Sub-items

Available on the following plans:

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  • Professional

  • Enterprise

How to Create Sub-Items

Sub-items can be easily created from the Table View in one of two ways: by using the Add Sub-Item option that appears on the right-click menu or by selecting the Add Sub-Item option that appears on the context menu which is visible on hover and accessed by clicking into the icon to the right of the item name. New Sub-Items can also be created via the Sub-Items section of the Item Card. When created, sub-items will automatically populate under the parent item without any of the dates or field values of the parent items; however, this can be easily changed by adjusting the field values and dates on those items.

With just a quick click-and-drag, sub-items can be re-ranked under their existing parent item, re-assigned to another parent item on the roadmap, or taken out of their family and converted into standalone items.

Adding a sub-item

When working in the Items Table, users are limited at 25 sub-items to a parent item and 1 level of sub-items per parent item at this time.

How to Convert Existing Items to Sub-Items

Any item in your roadmap can be easily converted into a sub-item in a matter of seconds. In order to covert an item into a sub-item, simply click-and-drag the intended child item on top of the intended parent item and it will automatically add itself as a child of the specified parent item. Additionally, you can click and drag the item into a specific rank within your existing sub-items.

Converting an item into a sub-item

If your view is sorted, you will be unable to drag and drop items and convert existing items into sub-items. If your view is sorted, we recommend removing the sort, or adding sub-items from inside the item card.  

How to Add Sub-items from the Item Card

As noted earlier in the article, sub-items can be created by clicking into the standalone item you would like to use as a parent item and selecting Add from the Sub-items panel on the item card. When this button has been selected, you will be able to either create a sub-item from an existing standalone item, move an existing sub-item into this new hierarchy, or you can create a brand new sub-item. You are also able to set the dates of those items from inside the item card using the date picker column to the immediate right of the sub-item on the list.

Adding sub-items from the item card

To remove a child item from the sub-item hierarchy, you can click the X button on the right-hand side. This will convert the respective sub-item back into a standalone item and will relocate it to the bottom of your roadmap, while retaining all past comments, activities, and various other attributes that have been applied to the item.

This is the only way to add sub-items from the roadmap visualization at this time. All other methods are restricted to the items table.

Setting Up Dates for Parent & Child Items

Date ranges on parent items are automatically calculated based on the earliest start date and the latest end date of the sub-items underneath them, meaning that the parent items are locked to specific duration based on their children.

Parent items can be moved along the date picker, retaining their duration and automatically adjusting the dates of the child items in their family. In order to expand or reduce the total duration of the parent item, the dates on the sub-items can be adjusted accordingly.  

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