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General Configuration

In the General tab you define the basic elements of your Gantt chart configuration.


General configurations tab

  • Start Day - This is the day the project should begin. All automatic scheduling will be based on work estimates and dependencies, with the earliest issues beginning at this date.
  • Calendar - Tasks within the chart will be scheduled based on the selected work calendar.
  • Appearance - Select the default look/color of your Gantt chart.
  • Import Settings (top of the screen) - Import the Gantt configuration from another structure. See Import Settings.


The appearance section allows you to customize the way task bars appear in the Gantt chart. You can select one of the predefined color schemes, or choose a custom color scheme to match your company style:

  • Color Scheme - Select the standard color for items in your chart. You can use choose one of the 6 provided colors, or click CUSTOM to select a custom color.
  • Fill color - Enter a custom color, either using the color picker or typing its Hex value.
  • Progress color - Progress can be displayed as a dark or light color over the taskbar. If you select Auto, Structure.Gantt will pick the option that provides the most contrast to your color scheme. 

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