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Viewing the Data in Reports

In addition to filtering, grouping, and sorting, you can customize Tempo reports with specific views, charts, and columns in order to show your data in a meaningful manner. This includes an overview format that provides a high-level look at the data, as well as more nuanced views that organize your data by days, weeks, months, or quarters and present it in greater detail.

To further customize your reports, you can add charts to your reports so you and others can understand the report's contents at a glance, as well as add columns to show a variety of Jira fields and work attributes. Finally, you can easily adjust the way that dates and times are displayed to suit your preferences.

Tempo remembers all your view settings and preferences between sessions. 

  1. Select Reports in the Tempo sidebar to create or open a saved report.

  2. In a report, open the menu on the right to see the different viewing options and data columns that you can add.


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