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Viewing Users with No Hours Logged

Normally, when you run a Logged Time report, only users who have logged more than 0 hours will show up in the report. So how do you check for users who have no hours logged? You can use the Show users with 0h option in a Logged Time report. Managers (such as financial, account, or project), directors, or C-level executives can use this option to quickly find out who needs to log their time across the whole organization or across multiple teams.

It's important to check if users have logged their time for the reporting period for several reasons:

  • For financial auditing and invoicing purposes, a complete account of logged time is required for expenses to be calculated properly.

  • For project management, you can check that the members of multiple teams are logging their time so that project estimates or capacity requirements are accurate.

You can see team members with 0 hours logged in the Team Timesheet for a single team without needing the Show users with 0h option. Make sure that you have the View Worklogs or Manage Team permission for that team.

To see any Tempo user in your organization who has no hours logged:

Anyone with a full-access permission role, such as financial or account managers, HR, or C-level executives, can follow these steps to find all Tempo users with no logged hours across their organization. A full-access permission role is the only way to see Tempo users who are not part of a Tempo team.

For those with a multi-team permission role, such as directors or project managers, you can easily view team members with no logged hours across multiple teams.

  1. Make sure you have either of these permission roles, depending on your situation:

    - The View Worklogs permission in a Full-access Permission Role, as for the CFO permission role in the image below. This lets you view the worklogs of all Tempo users in your organization, whether or not they are a member of a team.


    - The View Worklogs permission in a Multi-team Permission Role, as for the Program Managers permission role in the image below. This lets you view the worklogs of only the members on the teams that are selected for this permission role.

  2. Create a Logged Time report.

  3. Select the period of time to display.

  4. Leave the Filter by field empty to see all users in your organization or filter by TEAM and then select the teams you want to view.

  5. In the Group by field, select User.

    Grouping by User makes the Show users with 0h option available from the menu on the right - select this option.

    Now you can view all Tempo users (or members of the selected teams), who have not logged any hours for the specified period.

  6. Add USER in the Filter by field and select specific users with 0 hours logged to refine your report.

The "0 hours logged" data appears when you export the report as XLS, CSV, or Printable View, and in the Users tab when you download raw data.

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