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Sample Formulas - Items and Properties

Access an item property

Use the following format:

The following returns the release date for each fix version:


Note: if the fix version field contained multiple values, multiple dates will be returned.

For a list of accessible item types and their properties, see Item Property Reference.

Get a custom field value for this issue, its epic, or its sub-task

You can accomplish this in a few different ways:

this.storypoints   // Using item properties. Use a lowercased custom field name, with spaces skipped.
this.ACCESS("Story Points") // Using the ACCESS function. Write the custom field exactly as it appears in Jira (with spaces).
this.customfield_###### // Using the custom field's id.

See how many sprints an issue has been added to


Find the highest subtask priority


Returns the highest priority of the subtasks.

Find the subtask with the highest priority

with highest_priority = subtasks.priority.UMAX(): subtasks.FILTER($.priority = highest_priority)

Returns all subtasks with the highest priority.

Compare two priorities

IF(priority1.sequence > priority2.sequence)

Predict the finish date for epics

IF issueType = epic : 

Returns the latest sprint end date for stories within each epic, even if those stories are not contained in the structure.

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