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Tempo User Gadgets

The Tempo User gadgets are available to all Tempo users.

To see data for other users, you must have View Worklogs permission for your team(s).

Available Tempo User gadgets

Gadget Name


Worklog Distribution Gadget

Displays logged work statuses by epics, sprint, issue, issue types, users, projects, and accounts. Viewable in pie chart, donut chart, and column chart format.

User Timesheet Progress

Displays the progress of a user's logged hours within a current period to monitor planned and worked time.

User Timesheet

Shows logged time by issues for each user during a designated period.

User Timesheet Charts

Displays a user's logged hours within a current period viewable in area chart, bar chart, pie chart, or table format.

My Work Gadget

Shows the user schedule for a day as well as progress towards work requirement. Can display both planned and worked time.

Trackers Gadget

Shows all existing trackers and provides an option to create new trackers.

User Agenda

Shows the items planned today for the current user.

People in Version

Displays worked and planned hours for each user in the selected version.

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