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Archive Structures That Haven’t Been Accessed in 3 Months

Tracking access time for structures only become available with Structure 8.2. This means the earliest tracking available occurs shortly after the first upgrade to 8.2 or higher. If a structure hasn't been accessed since that update, it is considered never accessed.

import java.time.Duration
import com.almworks.jira.structure.api.StructureComponents
import com.onresolve.scriptrunner.runner.customisers.PluginModule
import com.onresolve.scriptrunner.runner.customisers.WithPlugin
import com.almworks.jira.structure.sync.AOBasedSyncManager
import com.almworks.jira.structure.api.permissions.PermissionLevel
StructureComponents sc
def sm = sc.getStructureManager()
def sps = sc.getStructurePropertyService()
def syncM = sc.getSyncManager()
def currentTime = System.currentTimeMillis()
def structures = sm.getAllStructures(PermissionLevel.VIEW)
def oldStructures = structures.findAll { structure ->
  def lastPolledMillis = sps.getLong(, "lastPolledMillis", 0)
  return Duration.ofMillis(currentTime - lastPolledMillis).toDays() > 90
// In this part we archive the structures
oldStructures.each { oldStructure ->
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