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Managing Structures

The Manage Structures page lets you view, search for, create, and delete structures, as well as change their settings.

To open the Manage Structures page, go to the Structure menu in the top navigation bar and select Manage Structures.


You can also reach the Manage Structures page from the structure selector menu:


The Manage Structures page contains the following tabs:

  • Current – shows the structure you are currently working with
  • Recent – lists recently viewed structures, starting with the  most recent/current structure
  • Favorite – lists structures that you have marked as your favorite
  • My – lists structures created by you
  • Popular – lists structures that are marked as favorite by at least 2 users, ordered by their popularity
  • Search – allows you to find a structure by name, owner or ID
  • All – lists all structures visible to you
  • Paused – only displayed when there are structures with Paused Automation

Since anonymous users cannot create structures or mark structures as their favorites, Favorite and My tabs are not shown when you are not logged in.

Learn more about managing structures:

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