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Customizing Columns

The articles below will assist you in customizing your Structure columns.

Add Columns

To add a column, click on the + button at the right corner of the table header. A drop-down with the available column presets appears. To select the desired column, you can:

  • Use the mouse to find a specific column,
  • Use the keyboard arrow keys to select the column and hit Enter when done, or
  • Start typing the column name to filter the list, and then select the appropriate column.

To abort adding a new column, hit Escape.

Use keyboard shortcut TT to quickly open the Add Column dialog (hit "t" twice).

Edit Columns

To edit a column, click the column header and select Edit column. This will open the column configuration screen, where you can adjust any available settings.

Edit column option in a column menu

Remove Columns

To remove a column, click the column header and select Remove column.

Remove column option in a column menu

You cannot remove the Summary Column.

Rearrange Columns

You can change the position of a column by grabbing the column name with the mouse and dragging it to the left or right.

Resize Columns

Structure automatically tries to give all displayed columns enough space to display all information, but sometimes you might need to give more space to a column or two.

There are a number of ways to change column widths:

  • Grab the resizer and drag. When you hover your mouse over a column, the resizer that is responsible for that column's width is highlighted. When the column size is close to what Structure considers ideal width (based on the displayed data), the resizer "snaps" to the perfect position.
  • Hold CTRL and drag resizer. Works the same as above, but without snapping. You can use it to fine-tune column width.
  • Hold ALT (Option) and drag resizer. In this mode, you will redistribute the space between two adjacent columns - increasing the width of one column and decreasing the width of another.
  • Double-click the resizer or the column header. The column will automatically resize to the default size.

resizer bars in column headings

Autosize Columns

Structure columns can be automatically resized by clicking the Autosize icon (

) or double-clicking the Summary column. All columns will be resized automatically, based on the displayed data.

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