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Structure Usage Statistics

Recent statistics can be viewed at any time.

  1. Go to Administration | Structure | Support and scroll to the Anonymous Usage Statistics section near the bottom of the page.
  2. Click View Current Statistics to see the Structure usage data recorded for the past 30 days.

Usage statistics are always recorded, but are only sent to to us if the 'Send anonymous usage statistics' option is enabled. Sharing this anonymous data with us helps us improve our product, but if you do not wish to, simply uncheck this option.

Jira administrator rights are required to access these statistics.

The log shows statistics related to different actions in structures - number of created items, description of existing generators, number of clicks made on specific buttons, etc.

Among this data, there is:

  • The activeUser parameter, which shows the number of users who performed meaningful actions in any structure - created new items, added/removed/moved items, etc. Users who only viewed structures, without changing anything, are not counted.
  • The structureCount parameter, which shows the total number of structures in the system.
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